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Begonnen von Christian Tronier, Dezember 19, 2013, 15:08:15

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Christian Tronier

Hi there.
I talked to Thomas about the upcoming event at Epic-empires. i was impressed of the quality of the costumes, especially those of Chaos. He told me to ask around how you made those costume.

I would love to be at the event as a warrior of khorne. And so i have a lot of questions about the costume.
Like: Where did you get the plade armour? i can see many of you Guys have the same breast plate. did you make it yourself?Noticed that most of you Guys have the same breast plate.
Any paint tips would also be apriciated.
I have watched a lot of youtube videos with you Guys knocking the shit out of the others. the quality of the costumes are still amazing.

If you have any tips at all i would love to hear from you.

Sincerly Christian Tronier Grøn Guldager

ps. keep post video's on youtube  ;)

Tarak der Spalter

Als erstes: Das was er oben geschrieben hat war eine Mail an mich, meine Antwort war die hier:

First: my english isnt the best, so please apologize.

Yes, I'm one of the Khorne-Guys, my Charakter ist Tarak der Spalter
("Tarak the Splitter") and i am the leader of the Blutpack
("Bloodpack") and the OT-Coach of Khorne, so you write to the right
one :-)

I build my armour by myself and with the help of a friend, but it was
a LOT of work, so many of us buy normal plates and paint and decorate

Somtething you should think about:
1. Make a CONCEPT this is really importent, when you have a
imagination of your costume, it is easyer to build.
2.Normaly a Charakter in WH has 3 Colors: Main Color, Highlight Color
and Stuff Color. When you look at my picture: Red = Maincolor, Gold =
Highlightcolor und Stuff = Black.
When you have find your colors, just paint the plate :-) my redcolor
is normal acryl paint but the goldencolor is (oh god i try to
translate it) "Hammerit Hammer Blow Brass" this color looks like real
3. Now take a brush and paint your armour compete with tinting paint.
Wait a couple of minutes and take a realy slight wet sponge and go
over the tinting paint.
Why do we do this? Look here: (its an
very old picture) you see the difference? right is with tainting paint
and looks more like an real armor and not like a powerranger :-)
4.So now you have a painted plate, but know we getting some flesh on the bones.
You need utilities: Skulls, Spikes and important Applications (i hope
it is the right word in english ^^) i mean Khorne Symbols and so on.
We have a lot of ways to build this application:
1. you take real brass and cut it with a saw or jig saw or angle grinder
2. You take leather and paint it with hammer blow paint
3. You take Worblas or Wonderflex (if you dont know what this is, i
think you have to google :-) ) and also paint it.
4. We make some 3D Applications with "Hot Glue" (picture: ) Hot glue
is extrem robust and with paint it looks like metal. Picture:
(yes its only hot glue and paint :-) )
On my plate there are a lot of real brass, a little bit of Leather and
some Hot Glue Applications.

If you have question dont hesitate to ask.

We have 2 Khorne-Groups the Blutpack and the Schädelsammler
("Skulltaker"), the Blutpack (picture: are sadly
closed, we dont take more members because we are 12 people and 2014
many of our members are in Australia, so the Blutpack will not be on
EE next year.
But the good news: the Skulltaker are searching for new Members, the
Leader of them is Kjalter. Maybe you can talk to him to.

Please write a Thread in "Bewerbung". I will copy my text above as an
answer into that, but so a lot of people can help you. We have a great


so helft ihm bitte :-D

Reykur Styrkaarson

Hello and welcome.
I was first confused, because we have 2 Thomas in the HdC and so on.  ;)

The main part of our Plate-Armors are from
and then we paint and destress them.


Tarak der Spalter

But you can take any other kind of Plate. As long as it looks great!


First of all: Do you have any Larp experience?
It would be good if you could tell us a bit more about yourselfe. How old are you, which hobby, larp experience etc. And which Thoms? ^^

We, from the hordes of chaos, are all a bit crazy... some more, some less. And it's important to mention, that to play chaos is a bit different to the most other types. We play the evil and that brings another form of dynamic into the game.
Also we have a advanced costume requirement. Normaly that means it's a bit more expencive and a bit more work than a normal larp costume...

The most of our costume parts is done by oureselfes.
For tipps I think it would help if you could be a bit more precise, because there are nearly endless tipps and answers ;-)

Larp Plades could be buyed at different merchants shops. I think the breastplate you mentioned is from this seller:

But there are many. Just google for larp shops.
Also you can finde many different explenations about larp and building stuff by googling it.

So, have fun!
IT Kultführung Ungeteilter Kult
OT Kreatives Chaos

-I'm the universes darkest hand,
holding shadows, dust and sand;
the darkness behind every door,
the weaver of forgotten lore. -

Christian Tronier

Yes i have some experience. i have been LARP since i was 10. I think i stopped at the age of 17 course there wasnt any place for adults in my hometown. however now, in the age of 21 i would love to try some more serious.

for hobbies: i guess traning would be the only thing. i havent had much time to do anything else but study and train.  :)

for which Thomas. i have only these clues to the great mystery. E-E Thomas Coordinator Players. 

well, im gona order some part for my costume and try build my own. what is the costume requirements for Chaos? preferrebly Khorne,

if not Khorne then just the normal Undivided Chaos.

Sincerly Christian


Our requirements are:

-Your Main Costume, maybe this is a khorne warrior, so you need Armor. That Armor must look cool and we will help you make that happen :)

-If your Main Costume is a heavy Armor you need also a light Costume you can wear all day, so you can play when we are not out for battles and wont get tired to fast.  here is an example:
This is me in my armored version:

and this is my light variant. pretty low weight

If you cant create a light version for your charakter because you might play as armor couldnt be dropped, then you could also create a secondary character, a cultist for example.
You NEED at least a light costume, Armor is optional for us (even if its the main costume)

-Civilian, Pawn. You need a charakter for your townactivitys like eating or getting drunk in the city. We dont want to break the image people have of us by eating wieners in town or by being totally drunk and sing along in the tavern. We dont forbid you to have fun in town, but please dont use your chaos character for this :)

Hope that helps
HDC Head Orga




i'm applying for Khorne too. If you want you can have a look in my thread as well, there are some pictures at the top.

I think the best way is to post every step and every decision you make here in this forum. Because then there won't be any suprisses at the end, when they'll tell us if we are allowed to join or not.

Due to the fact that I have planed to play a "red Khornewarrior" I caused a discussion about colorschemes.
The result: It's ok to take red as main color, but usually the Skulltakers have black as their maincolor.

So I decided to switch to black with little red highlights because I would like to fit to the rest of the group. 

I was inspired by an artwork posted by Shikras:

Gor Här - med Gor en!