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I've been only one year in drachenfest, in the first lance of the red camp, but this year i will go with a bigger group and we are planning on going to another camp. We've been talking and one of the options we like is chaos, we like the stetic of chaos, and some of us wanted to go into full chaotic characters, but we dont know what to expect from the camp......For what I know, before organizing the chaoslager into te orc camp, some of you were in the chaos camp? what are your opinions? does it worth it to go there? how about the size, the batles....?(we all like to fight, and it isn't funny if the camp is too small to really fight a god siego or batle......)

If we finally go there, and if any of you want, we are looking for someone to "adopt" us and introduce to the camp, be something like a translator.....
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Im this Year on the DF in the Chaos Camp, but Not as Tzeentch warlock. Im there as Slaanesh Druchii. I was there in 2011, and I Must Day: the camp is Bad. There are a few Good People but a bunch of Players who ware Bad Clothes and Play Strange Characters. Well, but Thats just My Opinion.

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I´m at the Chaoscamp with my Charakter too :3
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The Chaos Camp was never one of the biggest and the walls and door lacks towers, in my opinion it is not fit for a good siege. In 2010 i was there and i didnt like most of the players costumes or playstyle.


You confirmed my fears......I've heard things like those before, but, it will be our fisrt year with a chaos characters, so probably we will be the kind of people that are strange.....

Those things are slow, but fot the moment from 5 catalan groups that will go to drachenfest two of us have decided to go to chaos, wich means at least 10 guys, maybe more, if we convinde the others we can be up to 25.
Now that we now this were begining on planning characters, atrezzo......I'm begining to chaotise my armour, I will post photos when I do some.
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