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Hordes of Chaos Guidelines


-1: Everything about the Hordes of Chaos and the Theme camp (Themenlager). How do I fit in?

-2: What will you need to become a part of the HoC?

-3: Out-time organisation

The HdC (germ. Horden des Chaos) are a theme camp, which includes races from the Warhammer Universe, which do have an affinity to Warhammer Chaos. We play evil, mad or unpredictable characters and usually are the typical enemy for most other players. However, this does not mean we are treated like the standard - NSC and get confronted and beaten up all the time. Contrary to that, we expect a goot show from our members and a tight atmosphere within the play.

1) Chaos is NOT a fun concept
Your costume should not look ridiculus, but scary, meant to unsettle people while looking at you. Every costume should be associated with the chaos easily, even on first sight. With costume, we mean the entire performance, including clothes, masks, make up and so on. This basic thought is true for all the points following.
The generic green orc or the generic black dark-elve / drow are easily recognized by everyone. A chaos adept usually looks strange – in the best case even scary.

1.1) No way in if you are under 18   
The whole camp is rated age 18, meaning that no one is allowed to get in, if he is younger than that. We have a very visual hedge around our camp because of this. We don't wish for camp tourism or teenagers even if accompanied by grown ups.  We try to design our In time camp play by ethic and social pedagogic aspects in way we hope not to restrict others in their play. We also dissuade adults who have no interest in terror, horror or abomination, to visit our camp. Outside our camp we tend to behave in a more civilized way and to adapt to the "new" environment.

1.2) Chaos at HdC and your character background
Generally there are only few restrictions concerning the background your character comes from. It doesn't matter if you choose an existing and well known background from games such as Warhammer fantasy (games workshop), books such as Elric of Melnibone by Michael Moorcook or even films like Pathfinder in order to creat your chaotic barbarian character. The internet is crammed full with great models and delineations. There is but one guideline: All characters have to be stylistically linked to the Warhammer Fantasy Chaos background. Within the HdC those are the four well-known chaos cults:

Khorne -  f.e. the god of blood who sits on his throne of skulls.

Nurgle – f.e.  father of all epidemics, lord of decay

Slaanesh – f.e. the dark prince, cradle of decadence and vice

Tzeentch – f.e. the master of mysteries and lord of lies

Furthermore there is a possibility to get accepted in one of the cults which are close to Warhammer chaos, but do not belong to those mentioned afore. These cults are the Skaven, Beastmen, Druchii and Chaos Dwarves. These groups are also welcome to the HdC. In case you are uncertain, where you might belong or which group would suit you best, don't bother to contact us – just ask, we're glad to help. We're also open minded towards cults, which have not been mentioned here yet, as well as we are open minded towards undivided chaos. The most important thing is that it fits to the background. Besides this, every player classifies his character according to a stereotypical concept. This concept consists of the following archetypes:

> Cultist / Zelote:
Cultists are men (or women), who fell for the temptations of chaos. They've given up their normal lives to follow the paths of chaos. Within these groups there are fanatic heretics, priests of doom, characters like the intriguer Wormtongue, man-eating butchers, such as Frankenstein's assistant Igor or the followers of the Chosen ones. Cultists are the townsmen of chaos, the acolytes, or just common priests and still are seen as fulltime members of the hordes. Although they are at the bottom of the hierarchy, without them the whole hierarchy would crumble down.
Important note: cultists, which are played as main character, will not be treated as slaves or scapegoats.

> Workmen / Mechanics:
This includes all the roles which are not fighters in the first place, but which are dedicated to other jobs, for example Alchemists, blacksmiths, technicians, mechanics or healer.

> Barbarians/Warriors :
All warriors, no matter whether they are archers, skirmishers or soldiers. Besides the typical barbarian fighter, who follows his gods's calls, there are also those poor lost souls to be found here, who swore loyalty to the chosen champions of Chaos. Also all warrior based charakters of e.g. Skaven or Darkelves are count to this group.

> Witchers / Sorcerers:
The typical magicians, witches and sorcerers belong to this group.

> (Chaos-)Warriors:
These are the typical chaos warriors. A massive armour is needed to embody a character belonging to this group (this does not exclude foam armours).

Nevertheless all members of the HdC want to represent their camp when going on a Con. This can only be achieved, if we all think outside the box every now and then and work together as one group. It's teamplay... but there's still some room for your personal version of chaos-play.

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