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greetings one an d all

first an introduction may help. I turned up last epic empires to have a play with you guys and really enjoyed myself. was on my own as a trader up at the market but you made me welcome. (i put together what kit i had with me as a rudimentory barbarian gear as i traded at dracenfest then conquest then on to epic empires as a knight mostly :) ) I was the excessively hairy english person running around. I run events and a props making buisness for larp in england. (heroes and dragons, irregularprops)

It was my first epic empires and i had no idea what to expect out of the game. Big fan of warhammer and particular choas, i know my lore :) got my interest buzzing for making and props design. I am a professional props maker so am making  a lot of new gear for myself for the choas character. i also have a lot of props and equipment such as three full plague bearer deamon outfits, Beastmen full kits and currently building a bloodthirster. we have some plans for the town set up as well as a small in charecter camp at the choas fort, thats logistics for the shop where my staff will be hopfully selling while i debase myself in choatic goodness

That all said

I will be playing Keel Ravenfeeder of the kugan tribes of the north. undivided steppes warriors and veteran campaigners against the empire and brettonians. takes great victory from besting shiny chivallric knights in personal combat. (i racked up a fair tally at the final battle) I would love to join you guys in the choas camps and hopfully bring along like minded folk along with me. the epic empire game was the best game i've played on this scale in my 20+ years larping. that will do as an intoduction details can be bashed and previews of our kit and critic is welcome

keel ravenfeeder
darren stocker


just as an aside. those who met me may remember i had a big choas star painted on my shoulder all weekend. i now have that as a tattoo :)




took me a while to find the forum :) never been the best when it comes to technology. i have many ideas and pictures of gear when we come to the run up to epic empires, is this a good spot to throw them on. for example the three plague bearer kits will be all finished up over the next couple of weeks. (need the finished so i can start my cave troll)

also when my costume is all ready for preview is on here good for review. want to make a very good impression with kit. i do it for a living so i have no excuses :) do folks want background story on characters or is it find out in play


I think there are characters who need a backround story and there are others who don't.
If you're more or less important or mighty you should be able to explain yourself. What did you do that our gods gave you some.. presents.. for example.

Do you know that you have to apply to join us at Epic Empires?
I think the best would be to post some pictures of your ideas how you would like to equip your charakter..

I don't know if our applicartion-form exists in english aswell?



i am talking to the organisers in regard to the market, i will talk to them about what i have to do. it gets a little muddled with the trader side as well. the broad plan at the moment is i will have the shop/blacksmiths in town with staff and a bit of a co-op with a few other traders in my large trade tent. (which leaves me free for the weekend)

and set up a small barbarian/maurauder camp with the smaller in charecter tents and props at the camp. but i will be putting pics of what i can bring up here as they get finished. i want to help with the look and feel of the camp as well as get into the character of the thing. as i said this is massively broad strokes of a plan to be rifined over time :)

Salgen Hoyton

Welcome, welcome :D

We haven't talked that much at the EE but I still remember you.


Welcome! Nice to see you in here! And nice to hear that you will play a chaos character!
I'm looking forward for your props! :-)
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Irregular props.... that rings a bell somewhere.... HA!
Got a truck to bring a monster? PleasePlease?
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Hi all, I am one of the other english guys hopefully joining Darren as a Kurgan marauder.
Just spent the last 2 hours looking at the chaos site and particularly the pictures, wow you guys all look amazing.
How do we apply to play chaos in 2014?
I have some work in progress pictures of certain parts of my costumer already. Will be working on it a lot so that it is more chaos than it currently is


Hi Irregularprops

your links to the pictures dosent work for me!

@callumsw: we have an forum here:,5.0.html

if you wanna be a member, there you go :)
we have also several coaches helping both of you with questions etc and maybe they can even translate things for you :)
just write a pm to him;u=77

usually we use skype for talking
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Asfael / Kheresh

IP: can´t see the picture, too-
we all have "second outfits" so we don´t have to wear armour all the time... most of them cultists, as it happens.
And I seem to remember -somewhere in this forum- a plan to orchestrate a "Geheimnisnacht"-ritual with cultists, the wizzzards & of course the summonimng of- but perhaps you already have noticed where this leads to...
Croc, you reading this? Got some fireworks left?
"Into the darkness he went. Into the flames of hell. With his head held high. And he smiled." (Warhammer- Predigttext; Wordbearers)



Darren are we bringing over a few... daemonic/ beastman costumes ;)....