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When we  talk about daemonic stuff, there is one point which we all have to consider:

As far as I know it's the understanding of our group that our characters and our role-play is settled in a "low-power" area although we are the epic evil from north  slaughtering through the imperium. Acting like we are invulnerable chaotic  beings would  be a little unfair for the  other camps  on Epic Empires ,-)

So if you want do give one of your "big guys" (which are marvelous btw.) a scene we must real is that there is a fair chance for the opponents to  take it down which would mean we are  talking ingame  about a hellish demon but outgame it should be as vulnerable as one of our common warriors.

Nonetheless I'm looking forward seeing those suits in live. The pictures are quite impressive


my thoughts on the big nasty stuff is it could be used in two ways

a shock and awe beast for occasional use outside the fort or in a particular encounter (less is more, believe me)

and mainly a choas camp thing for rituals/blessings/etc (our toys :) )

i run events with these pieces and they should be used only to enhance a situation never to dominate it. that just ends on a sour note. but as an enhancment to a situation would be very memorable.

what i will do is as my bestiary fills i will put pictures of the kits i have and nearer events the horde can decide if they want any of them to come along. i intend to make at least one of the main troop type deamons over this winter, so far we have the plaguebearers x3 (just the heasd to finish) bloodletters x2 ( again need to finish head pieces and hands, plus the hellblades) next on the list is a pink horror (just because from a maker point of view they are awesome visually) i am unsure of my desire to do a deamonette yet however ;) i have the claws for one done


on the note of ranged weaponry. horse bows make sense for the kurgan but how do folks feel about javlins


ouh deamonette claws ? *_*

really cool, can i see pictures of it maybe ? =)

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I really like javelins( in case you meaned the throwingspeers, not the rocketlaunchers :D )....the problem is, i havend seen a save way building javelins.

Bows are no problem, som of the norse are using these too.


I am assuming that stab safe javelins and spears are a no go at EE ?


Well there are some discussions about stabbing. Some say its no problem, others say when u use a safe staff for stabbing other players may see this and think they can stab even with an unsafe staff.
Its not forbidden as far as i know, on the epic empires the players are told to take care of each other and to play safe on their own without to many rules.
So even hitting carefully at the head is no problem for the most
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we play a game down in devon called dumnonni chronicles and use extensively a stab safe javlin for thrown combat for the past twenty odd years  with no injuries or problems. i make some as the shop irregularprops. i will post a picture of one for perusal.

my thoughts are i would prefer to use javelins as the kurgan as it fits in with the look and tactics of the fast flowing combat style i would imagine employed taking down large prey.

as it happens have not got a full one on file but here is the heads, they are under a metre (and more work done on armour)


stop making my armour look shit you bastard


i have not even begun to get busy yet :)

on a side note on javelins CallumSw costume pictures are of dumnonni and there are javelins all over the place


indeed, i have my Black javelin in my shield hand in most of the pics.. which YOU made for me mate.
My helmet is now in the prelim stages.... going to dick on your helm.. maybe


have uploaded pictures of soft kit design, just waiting on rivets and dyes and can complete the basic before adding trohpies and bling and fetishes. also the shields the kurgan will field in the big battles

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I absolutely love the "scars" on the steel helmet with the movable visor (in german the shape is called a "Schaller"). The way the "scratched off" paint is painted looks realer than reality!
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Insane buildingspeed man!
And the results are also pretty good ;)

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Oh, the big man at EE.
Welcome here!

And nice stuff you do have. I like it.


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