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Some reasons why the hordes are the right

Please take your time to read through this. If read carefully, the examples following might save us and you a lot of time and trouble.
Some reasons why the hordes are the right place for you:

- you're 18+ and you seriously try to acquire a high standard of your costume and your performance

- you see what you see...  a breathtaking, creepy costume is a far sight experience. Great play on the other hand can not be experienced from a distance, you have to come close. A great costume therefore affects hundreds of players... great play only few. While a good costume can be measured objectively, we self-evidently hope and wish for great play too.

- I'm looking for a group with a fixed background, which gives me the opportunity, to have great internal play, but also has a very homogeneous image towards outsiders.

- I don't think it's impossible to get along with finances, planning and crafting / building of in time ambience stuff before the next con and I would definitely support those efforts.

- As soon as I've finished setting up my tent, I usually ask my neighbours, if I can lend them a hand, instead of sitting in front of my stuff, watching the others work. Or I use to aks if there's anything else left I can do, to put up ambience things... being part of the community instead of ,,just being at con".

- Doing instead of blaming: Instead of blaming others, I try to improve myself. I work on my costume, my tent, my ambience. There's no use in criticizing others. It's much better to show them by being an inspiring example.

- Yes, I think In-time starts at our camp, probably right in front of your very own tent.

- You think the idea of a camp can perfectly be lived out and performed within a group?

- You don't bother going down to grass in a fight early, to act all the hits you got and to fall back even when the fiftiest gust of wind blows towards you? You love to wail and to grunt  of pain after you've been cut down, while you're dying, but still not yet dead?

- Chaos play for you doesn't equal butchering down others... or being butchered by others? It is not a contradiction, to portay an enemy image and still perform intelligent PC – play?

Some reasons why the hordes are the wrong place for you:

...Chaos  is funny and I have a lot of funny ideas how to spread confusion and cause mischief. Once I even managed to drive someone mad with only dancing around him, having nothing than a ringing bell in my hands...

... As chaos player, i portray my character the way I think it best. It's inside me. I don't need mutations or changes which can be seen by others. I don't need a costume that looks ugly, scary or inhuman. It's way better to look normal and act chaotic...

...although I'm not yet eighteen...

... in my conept, there is no room for group action or for being part of a bigger group. I am individualist and I always do my thing. It doesn't suit my character and my play to follow a leader. For me that's not chaos.

... I'm not power-gaming, but telling is the usual way my character works, as he is a part-demon – part elven – were-vampire-assassin-prince with his very special props and his sword of fire. Besides that I always win my fights, because my weapons are the best and I never get hurt. Players who ignore me are just stupid and jealous. (of course this is a very overdrawn example).

... Why should I dictate others how their costum ought to be? Why should I listen to other's advices concerning my costume? I'm a player of chaos and that means I can wear whatever I want – even if it's a black leather trousers, a black metal shirt and a sword. That's the great thing about chaos: Everyone can do and wear what ever he likes. (overdrawn... you remember?)

... the whole bad guy thing is stupid. Why should I play a really bad guy? Just because everyone else misinterprets the concept of chaos and thinks it bad? No way!

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