Attending EE 2018

Begonnen von CallumSw, August 15, 2017, 12:30:45

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Hello all, been a while since I posted here.
So having seen all the excitement of EE 2017 i have decided it is finally time for me to make the journey to EE in 2018.
Because i am busy i thought it is best to say something now, so i can get advice from you awesome chaos people on my kit, costume etc.


Toria dan Bara

It will be a pleasure to help you.


Dein Gott befiehlt "Gehorche mir".
Mein Gott flüstert "Folge mir".

Salgen Hoyton


If there is anything we can help you with just go ahead and ask ;)


thankyou both.
I have made an aplication now because i am too excited