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I'm a part of one of the few larp workshops here in Catalonia, Prop Corn(sorry for the publicity...I couldn't resist XD) and this summer we are planning on doing a tour through all the big events in Germany or neighborhood countries, but, I don't know anything of German so I can find anything apart from those I've heard before.
Could anybody help me with more events? for the moment I found;
Epic Empires

Also, it's not 100% sure but it almost is, so, can I join you when I don't have to be in the shop? and I need to be part of the hordes of chaos?
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Salgen Hoyton

Those are the only big events afaik. But there are a lot of smaller Cons in Germany with about 50-150 participant.

Epic Empires would be a problem because you need to be a part of a camp and fullfill their standards. But one of the organisers can tell you more about that ;)


How much time will you spend in germany? Maybe that will help to search for smaller Conventions :)

Drachenfest, Conquest and Epic Empires are in a row in July/August, but Zeit der Legenden is in Mai or June. Do you plan to stay some months?

Moreover Zeit der Legenden has no "dark camp", only the NPCs are the bad guys (at least not in the last years). Don't know how it will be this year, because they are changing a lot. If you are interested, you could write a mail to wyvern.


Do you know Rick Wynne of the Grand Expedition?
I think he is the go-to-guy for foreigners joining Larp events in Germany and he also has some experience with visiting as a trader.
If you are coming as a trader, you will probably be joining the city at epic empires.
That said, I would estimate* your kit as absolutely on par for the HDC camp if you would apply as a member, just a few modifications/additions would be nessecary:
- a non-chaos kit to visit the city, called (but doesn't have to be) 'Bauernklamotte' (farmers clothes)
- a facemod for the times you open the visor or take the helmet off, but still have to look like a horrible slautherer
- If you don't have it, a non-armor kit for the times you are not willing to wear armor
- a warband
*I am not the person to judge that, I can only give opinions and hints
I guess it would be possible to join us as a visitor and fight alongside the hordes with your chaos warrior if you are most likely at your booth most of the time anyway - but again, that's for the heads to decide.
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Norse Plünder-theme.


Well....150 person is bigger  than the average Larp in it can be interesting to attend some of them.

We plan on being there a month, month and a half, not more, for sure we will do drachen-conquest-epic, and if there is something before or after we will try, we descarted zeite der legend for the reason you say.

Yes, i've throught the same and i've already talked with him, he gave me a pair of names and now i have to look for dates, cost...

Even being funnier to camp in a player camp, we will have to be in the town at the events, as near as we can to our shop, but we will be at least 4 members, so we can have free time to play. We still have to do numbers, talk with the orgas, but if we finally can attend epic empires we will try our best to make my chaos character kit worthy of the hordes if chaos.
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Well, the list is growing....It may be crazy....but, is there anything between 14 july and 24 july? if we have a pair of events, even if they aren't too big, maybe we can do Kandorya-Avatar-Drachen-Conquest-Epic

25/26 Abril 2015-Elfia-holanda-
29 Abril/3 mayo- Battle for vilegis-Italia-
28 mayo/1 junio-zeit der Legenden-Germany-
3 al 7 junio-Jenseil der Siegel-Germany-
10 al 14 de julio- CHRONIQUES DE KANDORYA 2015-chateau serrant, france
24/27 julio-AVATAR 2014-Belgica-
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you will meet us at the Zeit der Legenden and at the Epic Empires.

Some of our People will be at the Drachenfest as well, but they are on their own. That isent an event we offically visit as the "Hordes". So at the Drachenfest you can just look out for our Members and play with them.

At the ZDL we wont be a player camp, so you can just come along and ask when we are going out for a fight and you can join us. Usually no ambient roleplaying at the ZDL.

For the Epic Empires: Its ok to be part of the town and come for some visits with your chaos character. you dont have to be a member of the hordes of chaos to play with us. You only need to be a member if you want to camp with us.
Important: In this case, youre looking like a character from our camp and planing to play from time to time with us, i want you to visit me before the official playtime beginns for a short briefing. i want to talk with you about whats ok and what is not ok, because we have some special agreements with several other camps. when you are on the field with us, you represent us, so i think you should know what's going on.
And it would be cool to see your final kit before you (and friends?) join us.
If it looks cool distinctive like a warhammer chaos warrior you wont have any problems at the gates so our people let you in. But if youre missing important parts we can help you to upgrade your looks in a cool way.
If the guards wont recognize you, they might wont let you in... :D

Hope that helps, if you need more information, just ask
HDC Head Orga


Gryndal Styrkaarson

Just my personal Opinion but i would not advice you to visit the "Jenseits der Siegel" it is a con based on the factions of the "Conquest of Mythodea" and is more like the civil play of the factions. If you are not in "part" of the active community of the Conquest, is rather boring (my personal opinion here).

You could also ask our british fellow in the Forum, who attended last years Epic Empires (also joining us while the Last Battle, and some smaller skirmishes), and Drachenfest . Both Con´s also as a Trader.


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