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Hi! I'm Ivor solleiro, Thorheim in the fantasy worlds, i was one of the fundators of "La Garra de Alastor"(Alastor's claw) a group of larp fighters from Sant celoni(catalonia), we're not to much, maybe 20 or more people have fought in our lines, but only the half are true members, well equiped, that have fought more than one time...The background(we made it with oder groups from our land) is that we're barbaric group from the outside of the imperium that venerates a minor chaos god, Alastor, represented as a white dragon in a black and green background. We're all warriors(we have nothing againts mages or archers, but we haven't) most of us heavy infantry with mixture of stiles, from barbaric charactes to dark lords in black armour. It's not a true chaos grup but at least we're all "bad" guys, and we don't have knight in shiny armour.
For the moment we have only attend to events in spain mostly in catalonia(the catalonian stile of larp is very diferent to de spaniard one) and we send two soldiers(i was one) to last drachenfest with a mixture of catalan clans and groups, we were in the first lance of the red camp.
I write hear couse i'm triying to improve my character from something more like a dark priest/undotten... to a fully chaotic character. Here i leave you a photo of what i have now.

I'm planing to paint it all in green(it know it woul seem nurgle, but we chose these colors long ago from our group and i will wear alastor colours) and aply brass decoration to it, and of couse i will age it all. Changing the undotten skull for our dragon or maybe the chaos star, ading gold fabric to the tunnic to make details, and other things like horns, make-up....i'm trying to take ideas from older post but my incomprehension of german make it hard, so any held woud be thaked.

This year yo werent at drachenfest no? couse i didn't see you, or at leat i didn't see any of the impresive chaos warrior that i've seen in fotos of past years, this web....if next year i have the money to retun to germanic lands for drachenfest or even mythodea i invite you to take beer in the catalonian camp(look for the armoured fist of "la hermandad del acero") and if you agree i will come to chaos lager to role a litle, meet other dark servants....

Sorry for my english, it not my language and i'm sure that my text is full of errors.

PD: i dont know if the mesage is in the right place, if not, feel free to move it.

PD 2: how i put a profile pic? cuse i didnt see the way.....sorry but i now nothic of german.
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Gryndal Styrkaarson

It is okay here, so no problem with that.

I think we will have a lot of people which are eager to help you.
Right now i cant help you because i am at work :(

We are not at the DF as a Group. We visit the Epic Empires because its more our way of larping, and the camps are more fitting for our number of members (we are around 100 people, and maybe 70 on an event. there is not much fun fighting with 70 against, 500 and beeing tied to a set of rules, wich reduce our changes even further. At the EE we are more up against 200 people at a maximum and they support our roles by displaying us as very mighty Warriors of Chaos :D

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Hi there :)

best way to start a new armor is usually to do a paint.
Paint your Ideas, what you want to change etc. You could even do this on a your photo.
then its easy to help you crafting those things.

the basics you will allways hear in our forums are 2 steps:
-to get a realistic look, get a used look. slice and color the cloth close to the ground, simulate dust in the clothing etc.
-For Armor: We usually use waterbased, acrylcolors for a special look. Usually u get these colors for painting walls etc., so dont use emalcolors.
When you dyed your Armor the way you want and the basecolor is dry, then use the special color, usually black. Paint it all over your armor (yes, all over it).
Then you let it dry for a few minutes...and then you rubb the color off your armor with a wet old towel....
When done right it will look like the red khorne helmets on this picture... our khorne warriors are using this trick all over their armor.

i was using the same trick but with brighter colors for a rusty look on my nurgle armor.

if you want to know something special, just name it :)

this is our new summerlarp btw: http://www.epic-empires.de/

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Another methode of aging your Armor is a technique called wash.
You take your waterbased acryl colour and mix it equally with water, then you can paint your armour in as much layers to your liking. I use black and brown, but be careful not to make to many layers, the darker the colour you are washing with is the darker the armor will become. As an example when you paint your armor leafgreen and then use a black wash the result will look something like this:
I then painted the areas around the decoration with pure color.
These decorations are by the way cut out of leather and then glued on the armor.


Thanks! i'm getting a lot of ideas from this post and the forum(god bless gogle translator XD).

I woud love to attend epic empires, but its imposible for me, it would mean a one or two day travel for road(i'm sure you now how many things yo have to carry to a larp) and a huge inversion, and the people wich normally go with me prefear drachenfest, mythodea or the two.

Do you know where i can get brass rivets online? couse i've only found the leather ones that are to flat, i'm loking for the "historical" that you have to hammer them until you deform them(like the ones all the armou have).

Our group is plannig a event for 5 april, and i'm organizing a "sect" of our god(the event woud have maxim 100 person, and the could enter the cult if they found it and convince the god/high priest), so i will have to do all the atrezzo, any ideas of what can i do?
I thought of making hoods like the kukus klan in green with our dragon in it to give to players(thats the easy part)
I was thinking also of making an altar, somethig like the ones the churches have, in carved stone, i supose i could make the form, but i have no idea on how to make it look like real stone(im planning on doing a base of wood to give it strengt and put pannets of hight density polystyrene(what its used for modellism) with carved designs).

Thanks for the welcome, i we meet at any event, be sure i will invite yo to taste spanish jam or something like that(i dont say beer couse german one its 100 times better).
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Maybe this is an idea for your altar:
I build this for our undivided kult and with a fitting paint and modelling (thats the job of the creative members) this should go the way you want your altar.
And even with the messures of 1.2mx0.8mx1.0m (length/width/height) ist still transportable, because you can build it apart.

Greets Alex
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You mean you need a pattern for the hoods?
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Nope, the hood patter is as simple as two triangles with holes for the eyes and mouth, i'm loking for ideas to improve the look of the sect, withot wasting a lot of money or time(maybe with 10€ and one or two days i can make 10-15 hoods)

Delenas, you gave me a fantastic idea! i've never thought of making it folding, dont know why but all the ideas i has was with something made in "one piece", i'm working in a design with a base similar to the one you showed, with hinges and shelves in the interior to store those things we can need for rituals.

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You could use a simple robe for them, sleeveless and with cloth wrapped around the arms.
Give the robes a used look by looking for a sharp stone, fold some layers with the robe, put it on the stone and use a hammer to hit it :)
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